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The Duplicates RP, aka Dupes, is one of several RPs in Mayhem.


The Premise

"You are the "Ellen." You're an opposite gendered, bisexual duplicate of yourself. Only, instead of being able to go home, you end up being sent to a government institution. You learn that there are other DWDs... and others in your situation. You might not be able to leave for a while... So you'll have to be there for what seems like the rest of your life. Of course, you'll eventually be let out into society, but by that time, who knows what will have happened?

At least there's others like you. Well, maybe not like you in that way, but they have the DWD similarity. And they've set up a school, and university courses, so that's all taken care of."

Yeah. That's the premise. Grim is the GM. Unfortunately, the RP is currently closed.

And the characters are pretty interesting. Over the span of about 4 days in-game, there's been three pairings-up, two lesbian encounters, new duplicates entering, old doubles leaving or dropping out, a GM trying to stumble through his first time GMing (well, ok, not really, just GMing with a huge crowd of people), and a game of strip poker that threatened to kill the RP. Currently, the game is over, the GM is happy to get the story moving again, and the couples are cuddling (at the very least; some couples are more "active" than others).

The current heading, "Canon Pairings may cross into Reality", is a reference to the below heading "Curious Observations".

The Characters

The PCs

Right now, the dupes are:


There are also NPC dupes, but they're not listed right now.

Curious Observations

The RP seems to have the unusual effect of causing some of its in-game couples' players to pair off; FerretBob and HammerQueen, who play Bobbie and Ben respectively, became a couple some time after the RP started, as did Grim and Sanchay (who play Janie and Elliot).

This effect seems to be limited and impermanent, as it is not known to have been repeated.

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